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Growing Cherries

Cherries have one advantage over the other fruits–they give quicker returns. But, as far as my experience goes, they are not as long-lived. The sour type is hardier, at least north of New Jersey, than the sweet. It will probably pay to try a few of the new and highly recommended varieties. Of the established [...]

Growing Plums in your home fruit garden

The available plums are of three classes–the natives, Europeans and Japans; the natives are the longest – lived, hardier in tree and blossom, and heavier bearers. The best early is Milton; brilliant red, yellow and juicy flesh. Wildgoose and Whitaker are good seconds. Mrs. Cleveland is a later and larger sort, of finer quality. Three [...]

Peaches for your home fruit garden

Success with peaches also will depend largely upon getting varieties adapted to climate. The white-fleshed type is the hardiest and best for eating; and the free-stones are for most purposes, especially in the home garden, more desirable than the “clings.” Greensboro is the best early variety. Crawford is a universal favorite and goes well over [...]

Pears that can be grown in your home fruit garden

Pears are more particular than apples in the matter of being adapted to sections and soils. Submit your list to your State Experiment Station before ordering trees. Many of the standard sorts may be had where a low-growing, spreading tree is desired (for instance, quince-stock pears might be used to change places with the plums). [...]

How to select the area for your home fruit garden

The first thing to consider, when you have decided to plant, is the location you will give your trees. Plan to have pears, plums, cherries and peaches, as well as apples. For any of these the soil, of whatever nature, must be well drained. If not naturally, then tile or other artificial drainage must be [...]

The soil for growing fruit at home

In general, almost any average soil will grow good fruit. A gravelly loam, with a gravel subsoil, is the ideal. Do not think from this, however, that all you have to do is buy a few trees from a nursery agent, stick them in the ground and from your negligence reap the rewards that follow [...]

Different types of Apples that can be grown

Without any question, the apple is far and away the most valuable fruit, both because of its greater scope of usefulness and its longer season–the last of the winter’s Russets are still juicy and firm when the first Early Harvests and Red Astrachans are tempting the “young idea” to experiment with colic. Plant but a [...]

The case for growing fruit in your home garden

I know of many home gardeners, very successful in growing their vegetables at home, who are quite apprehensive about trying out growing their own fruit at home. It need not necessarily have to be this way. Although there is some cost to buying fruit trees or berry bushes the same amount of care that is [...]